A word that happends to have a very different denotation and connotation. (In other words, a word that has a "definate definition" but a different "feel" to it.)

Anyway, unadulterated's true definition basically means "to be not diluted" or "pure."

However it is not always perceived that way, because of the negative contexts that it is used in.

For example, (1) movies that are R-rated or worse and often have no censorship are considered "unadulterated" bc said movies are not "blocked/filtered/diluted" by the censors. The disgusting movies are considered "unadulterated," "pure," and/or "pure unadulterated fun." Thus, the word "unadulterated" becomes associated with dirty movies and/or dirty things.

Similarly, (2) the term "unadulterated jealousy" technically means "pure jealousy" and/or "just jealousy." However the term "feels" like: extreme jealousy, jealousy-without-restraint, and/or unhinged jealousy.

Because of the often repetitive use of "unadulterated" in negative contexts (especially in slang and/or common spoken language), it starts-to-sound-like a bad word. The word "unadulterated" grows a negative connotation! The word no longer has a "pure" nor "NOT-diluted" feel to it.

(The word has a neutral denotation but a negative connotation.) The word has a new definition to it: bad, tainted, without restraint, dirty, unhinged.

Over generalization

Jumping to conclusions

Iff A=B and B=C, then A=C must be true.


Common Idioms/Phraxes:

Unadulterated movie.

Pure unadulterated jealously.

Pure unadulterated fun.
by randomuser009 April 17, 2022
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not rated E, by the adults
Mortal Kombat is rated M, It's not rated E. Ergo, one can assume that Mortal Kombat is unadulterated.
by Son Gokououou December 11, 2003
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Opposite of adulterated. To leave pure and tasty, not to make for adult consumption by making it taste like cardboard.
I like my peanut butter unadulterated and full of sugar, as it is supposed to taste good.
by rubberducky_actual March 23, 2022
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