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A person who is neither introverted, nor extroverted, but both at times. An Ultravert can be recognized by his wavering attitudes toward group interaction: at times, the ultravert will be the center of attention, running the show and being the life of the party, and at other times the ultravert will wish to be by himself without interruption to think or brood. This phrase was coined by the user IceWire, from Kongregate in a chat.
John has been sitting by himself all day, but yesterday he was leading the karaoke party awards. What's with that?

Oh, he's an Ultravert.
by IceWire April 03, 2010
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Someone afflicted with the obnoxious disease of ultraversion. This individual is so unreasonably extroverted he/she must be around people every waking hour of the day. May progress to the point at which the individual must have someone in the same room with them while they sleep.
Dude, we can't catch a break from name. He's always asking someone to hang out, that annoying ultravert.
by Lezzer7 October 11, 2014
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