7 definitions by jeteye

1)an intelligent but single-minded person obsessed with a nonsocial hobby or pursuit to an infinite level;

2) an extremely dull and bookish person, usually a male or a group of males;

3)a person who excels at math, science facts, "Star Trek","Lord of the Rings", Dungeons and Dragons or other such trivia, and all things internet;

4) Geek in the extreme;

5) nerd to the extreme and infinite;

6) a person who can attract and bore other nerds endlessly.
Jeffrey was so consumed by his computer that he was becoming an infininerd.
by jeteye November 8, 2009
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The position or condition of you hair after having great, passion sex...NOT a polygon.
Julie's hair was in such a sextangle after seeing her boyfriend.
by jeteye January 31, 2012
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n: someone who thinks about being an entrepreneur or starting a business but never gets started.
Bill is such a Wantrepreneur. Always talking about starting a business, but never getting there.
by jeteye June 28, 2010
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a person who makes false or pretentious claims; bluffer
Jane thinks she has everything, but all she is is a four flusher.
by jeteye June 28, 2010
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noun: i) a person who promotes sustainable (green) living; ii)

adj: a dark green color
n. Billy has become such an ultraverte due to all his environmental activities.

adj. That color is so ultraverte
by jeteye May 3, 2009
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1) increasing rapidly by irregular degrees or additions.
2) A rapid or profound change
3) Thinking outside pre-existing norms
4) A vast and expansive amount
There was a macromental increased in Jeffrey's bank account after the windfall of his investments.
by jeteye May 2, 2009
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A social online network composed of a small, exclusive group of individuals.
A niche of interests found on line and communicated through a small group
An application that only appeals to a small group of users.
While Facebook is great for networking, David's hobby of collecting rare stamps has found his nichework on line with postersized.com.
by jeteye October 13, 2012
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