ULTRA MAGA is a term used by the left that really has no meaning but the speaker Jen Psaki really just says that everything that they don't like is Ultra MAGA. Turns out that means anything you don't like is Ultra MAGA. Its also used by Joe Biden referring to Republicans but not really defining the word but it cements what Jen Psaki says.
Person one says "Damn, that's Ultra MAGA propaganda."
Person two inquires "What?"
by Mc.bowtop May 11, 2022
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Term Joe Biden is trying to create referring to anything he doesn’t like.
Bob - “You don’t want to spend $10 on a loaf of bread? What are you, Ultra MAGA?”
by Tickleme May 11, 2022
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The supreme being that Donald J Trump transforms into after absorbing all hate, making him able to make all leftists cry in pain and suffering.
Trump has gone Ultra MAGA
by rephub May 13, 2022
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Something Joe Biden said during one of his regular Dementia fits that sounds really fucking cool.
"The Ultra MAGA plan but forward by congressional Republicans to raise taxes on working families"
"Hey, someone put that shit on a shirt"
by Mr. DQ May 12, 2022
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First you must understand the MAGA. This is a acronym for President Trumps campaign slogan "Make America Great Again "

Then a bunch of commies holding their support chickens and kittens flipped the political spectrum and told everyone Trump was fascist while the antifa ( anti fascist Soros ran puppets) ran about doing fascist things.

So the folks who leech off the Government and don't care about America and think communism is great were all to weak to actually fight American Patriotism did as they always do and name called. Thus begat the Ultra MAGA.

The left can make up any lie or name to put in this category they just keep throwing names into a hat and hope something sticks. While the real MAGA folks ( not the actors used on jan 6 that nancy planted)

Took the label of Ultra MAGA and wore it like a Eagle scout badge.
They drove around in their jacked up diesel 4x4s flying gigantic MAGA flags. Drinking MAGA beer and banging MAGA hot pussy like rock stars.

No matter how hard the media and scumbag politicians tried to smear the MAGA crowd they failed.

Eventually all the haters got the mental help they needed to clear the years of socialist brainwashing from between their ears.
There goes that Johnson kid into town to drink beer slay hot pussy and yee yee in his Ultra Maga Duromax Diesel with 44in super swamper tires
by Megamagatron November 4, 2022
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6 months of work down the drain; waster of time
Center for American Progress Action Fund spent 6 months of research to come up with the term Ultra MAGA
by MeWebster May 14, 2022
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A far right fascist movement that has taken hold in the United States starting in 2015, and gaining popularity with the election of their authoritarian leader Donald Trump.

The adherents consider themselves to be “America First” Nationalists but fail to see the fascist ideology they follow, often claiming “the left” or “AntiFa”(a loosely organized anti fascist movement) to be the real fascists.

The warning signs of fascism is as follows

~ Powerful and continuing nationalism
~ Disdain for human rights
~ Identification of enemies as a unifying cause
~ Rampant sexism
~ Controlled mass media
~ Obsession with national security
~ Religion and government intertwined
~ Corporate power protected
~ Labor power suppressed
~ Disdain for intellectual and the arts
~ Obsession with crime and punishment
~ Rampant cronyism and corruption

This has been the Republican platform for 2 decades.
President Biden has cleared targeted the Ultra MAGA crowd in his latest speech talking about the leak from the Supreme Court. He’s warning everyone that Ultra MAGA fascism is on the rise.
by DrBlackWolf May 5, 2022
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