Uglydolls are a line of toys created by independent toy designers David Horvath and Sun-Min Kim.

The first commercially available Uglydolls were 12" plush toys, handmade by Sun-Min Kim in 2002. Since then, 7" "Little Uglys", 4" plush keychains, 24" "Giant Uglys" and 7" Vinyl Uglys have been introduced. The plush dolls are still handmade, however production is now done in China. Being handmade, each doll tends to have slight variations from others like it, which can add to a sense of uniqueness. Each doll comes with a small tag describing the character's distinctive personality.
Girl 1: How many of those awesome Uglydolls do you have?
Girl 2: I have all thirteen collectables!
by Trishafish August 15, 2006
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a cute cuddy doll that some think to be "ugly" but they are actually really adorable.
aw, look at my new uglydolls aren't they cute ?!
by lalalalalove July 13, 2008
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They are such an uglydoll
by Mtgdoll January 13, 2022
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