a man that, despite his lack of attractiveness, continues to act like a clown; a man that is ugly but behaves as if he is a Greek god
Love Island’s Wes is affected by ugly man syndrome. He mistreated Laura despite her being so kind to him.
by December 8, 2020
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The ugly man complex is a trait shown in most individuals who are lower on the attractiveness scale than most. They have been talked down so much by society and have developed so many insecurities the only way a person with this can stay sane is to constantly delude themselves with a false image of self as if they were some type of attractive, interesting, important man.
Person 1:Bro, Amir is so ugly but thinks he’s hot shit.
Person 2:Bro he’s got the ugly man complex.
by 1BackendChild_ January 22, 2023
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They are the people that are not allowed to see the light of day...
The average man is... ugly.
So since the average person is ugly, it isn't really ugly because you are the norm.
If you are man ugly though, it means that you are the epitome of all ugly people in the world.
Like if you see someone on the street that is ugly, there are no where close to "man ugly."
Wow, look there's (insirt name here) he's so man ugly!
by Carreg Wen Surprise November 21, 2009
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The definition of Carthage Missouri... California is the best
Vacation, Carthage, Missouri, Encliplaone, Ugly Man For Hundred
by Memememememmemememememe October 17, 2018
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