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4 definitions by BlimeyCunt

The sexual sequence of one being penetrated anally, orally, anally, then vaginally in said order.
Jim:Would you rather be subject to p.m.p.c., or be incorporated into the human centipede as the middle link?
Bobby: It don't matter none, either way I'm waking up with a mouth full of ass salad and an anus about as strong as strawberry jam sitting in the African sun for a month.
by BlimeyCunt August 31, 2017
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The act of a man, during sexual intercourse, intentionally orgasming before the woman with no intention of satisfying her afterward. The man, subsequently, vacates or evicts the woman from the premises.

Sometimes referred to as "The Code"
She brought me back to her place at 3 but my kids get out of school at 3:15 so I had to stick to the Gentleman's Code.
by BlimeyCunt April 26, 2020
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A category on hentai haven that no one clicks on because no one likes anime chicks getting plowed like a plot of land by anime equivalent of John Goodman.
Person 1: I love the ugly bastard category!
Person 2: *Grabs scissors* Your genes cannot be allowed to spread.
by BlimeyCunt June 6, 2018
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A blatantly obvious homosexual person. Visibly and violently homosexual (ie men with pigtails or women in flannels buttoned to the top). The word is a reference to DC villain bizarro which is a reference to the oddity that some people perceive homosexuality to be.
Guy 1: wow look at the zoro behind the bar
Guy 2: that explains why the barstools are upside down

Guy 1: what do you mean?
Guy 2: so they can seat 4 people at once
by BlimeyCunt April 26, 2021
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