An obscene word only to be used by Roadman Shaq, a.k.a "Big Shaq".

By definition, ucker is a synonym for prostitute.
Two plus two is four, minus one that's three quick maths.

Everyday man's on the block, smoke trees.

See your girl in the park, that girl is an uckers.
by TheSpeedOfLight October 15, 2017
See your girl in the park, that girl is a UCKERS ( a thot). A women that gives up her body for a good time. Usually doesn't have any moral standards.
See your girl in the park, that girl is a uckers - Roadman Shaq

Omirah smashed (fucked) Jimmy , Tyler , Mike ,Joshua, Billy, Eric . M , Erick. C , Majahbir, Tracy & some homeless guy off the street that girl is an UCKERS.
by TUNKO October 25, 2017
When a women/prostitiute gives head and sucks dick for the monet. An example would be When Asmitha and Yusuf beg it to each other and are dating and Asmitha gets over the top and gives head to him.
'Asmitha u r my new uck queen plz give me more uck. I love the uckers you give me' says Yusuf
the word ‘Uckers’ is a synonym from prostitute. ‘Uckers’ is used by big shaq a.k.a roadman shaq in the song ‘Mans not hot
Yo that girl is a uckers
by 143285 December 6, 2017
Something only Big Shaq the One and Only would say.
"See your girl in the park, that girl is the uckers".
by LMTradingCards November 6, 2017