Ucif: mean the perfect ..old language old desert in Algeria .. talk about a briefer man how seek about water in the Sarah desert ..then he found some find a woman with her camel search also about water and food ..and he marry her ..they create old dynasty called Zdeg..but we don't find it now in this days .. some people said if someone call you zdeg that mean brave heart and courage .. but if he call you ucif that mean you are perfect ..
I'm ucif ..

i'm perfect ..
by ucif February 4, 2010
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Big honky chonky tiddies. (Pronounced oo-s-ee-f)
Person: damn they got that ucife 🤤🤤
by Luciferkindagaytho April 18, 2021
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Poking fun at the UCF Knights. “iF” standing for if they were better or if they were in a better conference.
by 69TheWatcher69 November 26, 2019
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Let me guess, you're doing that tiktok trend where you remove the first and last letters of your name. And you decided to do Lucifer from Obey Me shall we date. Well then your definition is: A prideful person who does too much work and doesn't get enough rest.
Denki: Hey, have you realized that Bakugo has been working really hard lately?
Mina:Yeah, his trying to be better than Midoria no matter what. He's being such a ucife.
Bakugo from behind:I HEARD THAT!
by Neko Aisuru-chan May 25, 2022
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