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Usama (or Osama) bin Laden: friend of the downtrodden masses, who expresses his deep affection by arranging for groups of them to be incinerated, vaporised or exploded.
"UBL needs to appear in a court.
But first he must be caught."
by Hi, UBL April 03, 2006
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Ultimate Bottle League. founded by messers Amott, Radnor, Foley, Patch and O'Kane. A ultra violent version of rugby with just a bottle, with just one goal: the bottle master. First team can be played 2 or 3 aside to 3 wins. Teams to beat: Melwoosh and Amott The Two M's Foley and O'Kane Exiles. Crappest player: Radnor
by patch February 12, 2003
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Undercover Brother Lover.

The down low homosexual friend we all have.
Dave: You noticed that Mike is a UBL?
Steve: I saw the way he looked at my ass, hes def a UBL.
by DcDavis June 23, 2019
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