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A loose group of plebs here in the UK. The acronym stands for Union of Arrogant Fascists. Comprises chinless inadequates, illegal immigrants and uptight feminists of the Bull-dyke variety.
"Yeah, sweet, I'm really stupid and easily manipulated, think I'll join the UAF and cause trouble and mayhem for no particular reason - well as soon as I've cashed me giro".
by Foxyboots October 27, 2009
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UAF is an acronym for "Ugly As Fuck"

"And if them hands ain't up, its probably because you broke or you ugly as fuck" Chip Tha Ripper
Girl: Hey can I come over?
Boy: Naw you uaf!
Girl: That's harsh.
by keepitfunky March 03, 2011
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Ugly As Fuck, someone so hideous that even their presence provokes nausea.
"Iโ€™m sick of the PC bullshit we see all over the news shows these days. When you first saw this story all of the beautiful anchors would say the same thing: โ€œThis woman, Susan Boyle, a person you might not expect, just blew everyoneโ€™s minds with her rendition of blah blah blah.โ€ Letโ€™s look at the phrase in question here. โ€œA person you might not expect.โ€ Short for U.A.F.

Ugly. As. Fuck."

Dallas Coyle, The Hard R,,quoted April 27th, 2009.
by Crotch Cricket April 28, 2009
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An acronym standing for Ugly As Fuck. It is somewhat popularized by the rapper Chip tha Ripper on his mixtape Gift Raps.
And if them hands ain't up, it's probably because you're broke or you're ugly as fuck (U.A.F.)
by Joseph F. Mama March 13, 2011
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Urban Assault Fan.
It is a term used on Urban Assault forums what is a method to refer a large group of players of the Microsoft's abandonware.
Invented by superbob1998, is used normally to refer to large number of users, not to one specifically.
Are any of you UAFs(Urban Assault Fans) have any words that you want to spread all over the whole Stoudson Corporation?
by MarcOlle November 06, 2010
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University of Arkansas Fort Smith. Quite possibly the poorest excuse for a college in the nation. It is a glorified community college that instead of expanding parking and such they want to build more dorms for some reason. The teachers there are as liberal as they come and spout off pathetic lines like, "People who don't abort children with Down's Syndrome are irresponsible." I'm not kidding either...
Child: Should I go to UAFS or live under the bridge?
Parent: Neither, they're about the same.
by UAFSsucks March 23, 2010
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