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Tyvas' are extremely chivalrous. Not only are they handsome and will have you swooning over them in seconds, but they are one of, if not the most, compassionate people you will encounter. Tyvas' are adrenaline junkies- reckless at times, but have a desire to 'Go big, or Go home'. They don't hold onto negative opinions, and will do anything to get the most out of life. Tyvas' are adventurous, an very optimistic. When faced with a roadblock, they will persevere through it. They believe anything is possible. Tyvas' are the type of guys that will go out of their way to make sure you are happy. They're honest, romantic, sweet, caring, unique, warm-hearted and thoughtful- the list could go on forever. Tyvas' are faithful, passionate mates and not only will they treat their current partner with utmost respect but they will hold them up high and fully appreciate everything they do. Tyvas' are the epitome of a best-friend. You can trust them with anything. No time is dull while in the presence. They are patient and will support you to the best of their abilities. They will protect you and will eliminate any unbearable weight you carry. When encountered by a Tyvas, you will notice they are very personable. They are a bit shy at first, but as time passes and a bond is formed you will realize they have a very strong willed personality. They love whole-heartedly- so if you're given the rare opportunity to hold onto their heart, cherish it with all of your might.
Al: "Who is Tyvas?"
Echo: "Tyvas is a babe! He's the most amazing guy I have ever met. He makes me feel like I'm in a dream come true!"
Al: "Wow, you're lucky! I want one of my own!"
by EMCG July 21, 2013
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