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This is usually a name for very fun girls. They are quiet on the outside but Fierce on the inside. She wouldn't really show you her inside features until you are close.
She has beautiful eyes, big boobs.
She doesn't think much about herself, she doesn't really mind what people think of her. It's not often that she loses friends or gains enemies. She's funny and slightly crude but very warm on the inside. She likes hugs from behind, loves sweet boys and talks to more boys than girls. She chooses wisely her friends and doesn't get into urgent situations. She's smart enough to know not to take things too far and knows how to sort things out between people. People never take her seriously because she's really jokey but they know when she's being serious. She loves to look at herself and take pictures of herself but hates letting others take pictures of her and with her. She's smart and Fun and usually a great friend.
That's my friend Tyeshia, she's far from perfect but I love her anyway. Everybody calls her 'Tae'. She's beautiful, right?
by Perfectly'Imperfect April 01, 2012
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