Tyrian is an amazing GIRL she is so kind hearted and annoying at times. She is very funny and can take a joke. Except she decides to date the most stupid people ever.
Tyrian is so funny but geez she can be stupid.
by patricia1234567890e44545 October 19, 2020
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A person who loves purple and is a god who has a big dick and can fuck a lot of girls
by John 67 March 19, 2017
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The most beautiful, kind hearted girl you will ever meet, who sees beauty in everyone, even ugly midgets.
That girl is a real tyrian, she's really nice and beautiful, and she even likes ugly guys like me!
by xXthebluefrogXx September 29, 2018
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to urinate off a wall or another large structure like lord tyrian lanister in game of thrones season one
"me and archie found a very tall rundown building so we climbed it and did the tyrian off it"
by gandalf the slightly off white February 24, 2013
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he's an asshole that is not cool and thinks he's so cool he's has a small cock with no girls only his mom he's likes purple but donest know the right way to get a fucking girl he also can't keep one with an asshole friend named jennings and hes not a god for all fucking info that acts like a fucking girl
"why is tyrian here he's and asshole that acts like a girl"
by FuckDisWorld666 June 11, 2018
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Tyrian is a anger issued asshole. Used in many sentences when people yell at each other
by Tytan978 May 7, 2016
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Is a bad ass bitch . Can’t nobody fw ha. And she Pretty . PERIODTTT !!
Tyriane is a bad bitch that loves to eat
by Alrightttt!!! October 28, 2019
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