Means you are and absolute pussy magnet who fucks unlimited bitches
Ali and Toni is holding up two fingers up, they must have hella bitches
by 2 fingers up May 15, 2022
You do this to a girl when you think they are Beautiful, smart, pretty, and obviously Awesome!
Jeff- “Your totally hot *puts two fingers up*”

Jenny- “WOW! Let’s have make out now”
by RadCat69 May 8, 2022
A pose where someone is putting up 2 fingers means they are madly in love with you
Did you see her with two fingers up in that photo? Yeah bro she wanna give you a big ass kiss
by Xl987532667800 June 6, 2022
A pose stating the fact that you are packing negative penis magnitude.
“Ayo that guy is doing the two fingers up pose
Ahh he must have a shrimp
by Dictionary Of (-_-) April 21, 2022
When someone is holding up their pointer and pinky fingers, it is seen as a sign that they partake in homosexual intercourse
Yo did you see that pic of Sam? Is he gay

Idk but he was two fingers up so he must be
by Morrie May 10, 2022
means u are loyal to 1 woman
two fingers up: means that u love just one girl 4l
by jele22 August 2, 2022