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There are only two genders you dumb 5 year old. If you think there is more than two genders you an uneducated fuck or from gen-z
Me: what gender are you?

Dumb 5 year old: I’m they/them.

Me: wtf is that ?Dumb 5 year old:It’s the 3rd gender

Me: there are only Two genders uneducated fuck
by Two genders u fuck January 26, 2021
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Boy1: Hey I'm non-binary

Boy2: The fuck is that?

Boy1: A gender! Uneducated!

Boy2: Sorry pal there is only two genders
by TheTruth164 November 29, 2020
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There are only two genders
Nobody understands there are only twogenders
by Wordfella February 06, 2021
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