A person holding an alcoholic beverage in each hand. Often seen at keggers, ball games, or other places where the line for a drink is rather long. Individuals will often get two drinks at a time. When one is finished they get back in line. They can then enjoy the second beverage while waiting. That way they never run out and risk ruining their buzz.
Guy #1: Dude, are you two fisting it again?
Guy #2: Hell yeah! It takes 20 minutes to get a beer in this place.
by Wiseman July 14, 2006
Ancient Jewish tradition of shoving your two fist up one's ass to get an ecstatic feeling, while yelling "You've be a bad girl!" and being squirted on by their vagina.

(Translation from a Chinese sex master)
"Give me The Two Fist, Rabbi daddy!"
1. Fisting one body cavity, with two hands. 2. Fisting two body cavities, with one hand each.
1. My wife love's it when I am two fisting her pussy.

2. I love two fisting my skanky neighbor, anally and vaginally. I rule!
by Cunty Fresh Fanatic October 31, 2010
A dick / cock / penis that is at least sufficiently long enough or longer to be able to wrap two full fists around it at once.
My dick is a two fist dick because I can fully wrap both my fists around it at once.
by twofistdick April 7, 2012
too fist'd fahr-mer


1.) The sexual act of a man placing his penis between the breasts of a lactating woman. The man then takes a breast into each hand and begins milking the woman and spreads the milks over his penis to be used as lubricant.
Man: "Damn, we are out of lube again... I was really looking forward to placing my penis between your breasts and gyrating."

Woman: "How about a Two Fisted Farmer?"

Man: "That's a GREAT idea. I am so glad you are still lactating!"
by Buster Highmen December 9, 2009
the action of auto-stimulation by use of two hands clinched in a fist shape.

*first discovered in the CNN building where a wonderful Pithecia pithecia was viewed in it's cage engaging in 'two-fist smashin' it'
Yo, homie D-Loc been in lock down for so long man. i bet he be two-fist smashin' it every night
by lord.atronymic August 19, 2006
Someone who terrorizes bald men on the highway.
Bald man driving down the road gets bottled in by a truck. Two fisted dick behind bald man's vehicle blows horn, threatens violence.
by DARIN SMITH December 4, 2003