The best people you can have as a streamer!
CEO, JC, Mika, Shadow, and Jellie are the best twitch mods you can have!
by Blue_entity September 08, 2021
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To freak out or spazz out; to get mad or shocked by surprise.
When your dad finds out he's gonna start twitching on the floor.
When I meet him I'll be twitching on the floor.
by Clayluver April 09, 2004
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Staff that works on the streaming platform, often called Clowns due to not abiding to their own Terms Of Service and clowning around.
Twitch staff doesn't ban Alinity, they're a bunch of horny clowns.

Twitch staff clowning around again..
by TwitchClowns December 02, 2019
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A disease in which you have spontaneous and uncontrollable whipping arm motions
Kelsey has been diagnosed with Twitch-Whip Disorder (TWD)
by casicorn March 04, 2016
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When your mate is still alive, but constantly streams on twitch and plays video games.
Man, at first it was great, but lately i've been feeling like a twitch widow.
by Murderousdoll05 February 05, 2018
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A crazy horse chick that is that typical horse girl from school- but is now an adult. 99% chance of being a freaky whore in bed. Also a borderline alcoholic. Also super competitive at trivia.
Hey Brett why don’t you try talking to that girl. She’s a twitch witch for sure.
by Sexilexi October 28, 2019
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