A online website/social media page that allows users to live stream about a game they play, reactions, etc. It is owned by Twitch Interactive™, that is a creation of Amazon™. It was announced in 2011. It was supposed to be a spinoff of Justin.tv, a very popular live streaming program. But, sooner or later Twitch got most of the attention. On this web page, streams can be spectated live or a via video on demand.
Person 1: "hey, to you know TheRPGminx?"
Person 2: "yeah! he posts live-streams on TWITCH.TV!"
by XxGalaxyNekoXx May 30, 2017
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is a gaming site where horny teenaged boys go to look up gamer girls with their cleavage showing, and using that as motivation to masturbate
Hey look! LegendaryLea just started streaming on twitch.tv
by a cool guy with huge c0k September 4, 2016
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Gay sex. And talking about dicks w da homies.
hey I heard Jim twitch.tv/trainwreckstv 'd that guy.
by NotPhatPhuck 420.69 December 22, 2020
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"twitch.tv/" (twitch dot TV slash) is commonly used to promote someone's Twitch account.
Go follow my twitch at twitch.tv/example!
by Dictionary0003 May 21, 2022
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