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A person who reads and/or is obsessed with the popular series, Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. Usally decides to be on either Team Edward, Team Jacob, both, or neither. Really obsessed and rereads the books over and over again trying to get every little part out of it. May also go on to read parts that were edited out or preveiws.
Ashley: Hi Alicia! Have you read the first chapter of Midnight Sun on Stephenies Meyer's website?

Alicia: Pfft! Of course i have, im a true Twilight Fan, Team Edward Forever!! I've read the books like 59783787458738728 times!
by Ashley M. T. July 11, 2008
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pathetic girls who like this book because all the other girls like it.
ex im a TWILIGHT FAN and so is my mom.tmilight is only famous because some TWILIGHT FANS SAW IT ON A MOVIE
by PARKOURFAILURE November 10, 2009
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