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1. A twilight nerd

2. A nerd and "some other word combined." (This is definition might have come from the 1st one, but the people who haven't read Twilight or New Moon or Eclipse do not understand.)

Person 1: Oh my Cullen, I just got an Edward and Bella t-shirt!!

Person 2: Really?! Gimme gimme gimme!!!

Person 3: You both are such twerds

Person 1 and 2: Grrrr!!!
by Twerd May 26, 2008
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This is the definition of a person who deludes themself into thinking that the story of a Jacob, a big buff hairy dogman, Edward, a skinny pale stoner-looking neck biter and Bella,a deep voiced necropheliac is THE best thing to ever happen in cinematic history.
Twerd: 'Mam I'm a Twerd!'
Mam: 'I shoulda used a latex...'
by Boshellecta. July 19, 2010
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Another version of werd. To be used in the place of werd, because of overuse. A simple acknowledgement.
Person: Dude, I got fuxed up last nite!
You: Twerd, twerd.

Person: So I was like, "Twerd up!"
You: Fo real?
Person: Skraight.
by Loc Dogg December 14, 2004
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Me and Collin are going to have a great time making fun of twerds tonight.

Man I can't believe those twerds think that vampire dude is hot.
by Xanielyane November 26, 2008
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a person who greatly enjoys reading the twilight series (twilight, new moon, eclispe and breaking dawn); should never be used in a negitive way
i wish i was as cool as those twerds.
by twerdiest March 30, 2009
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some one says some dope shit. you usually say "word". if they say some shit that is dope as fuck - say "twerd"
"yo that girl a grease piece son. you trying to smack that?"

by bigdaddyporksword August 08, 2014
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Individuals who enjoy getting lost in the wonderful world of Edward Cullen and Bella Swan.

Non-twerds do not enjoy life.
by TwilightTwerd September 16, 2009
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