When you are singing country music. You are not singing, you are twangin'.
Yeah, I pretty much just like music. . . However, I don't think of rap as music, instead I think of it as people talking about sex and drugs really fast. Also, I think country is just yodelers or moaners twangin' about drinking/smoking/their dog/wife.
by Kelseyisafruit May 27, 2006
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When someone or something is stinky or musty. (BO)
Nik: You bagged Isabella last night bro
Jack: Nah bro, her pussy was Twangin
by Mahwah Highschool November 13, 2019
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the act of constantly using twang salt with everything you eat or have sex with
Sriharsha Nalabolu: ok bitch, bend over I feel like twangin it. Let me grab my twang.

Shenana: ok honey
by Dat boi sriharsha November 02, 2009
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