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1.Sriharsha is an adjective usually used to describe a fob, roughly around the age of 20.

2.Sriharsha is also what you call someone that enjoys the act of grinding on african-american females.

3.One who cannot accept the fact that he/she is wrong or drunk.
1. "I called costumer service yesterday, and i got a total Sriharsha on the line, I couldn't understand what they were saying."

2. "Dude, Tod was totaly drunk and grinding on all the black chicks at the party last night. He's such a Sriharsha!"

3.Person 1: "Please explain yourself."
Sriharsha: NOOOOOO!!!!

by Tacoman2442 March 08, 2009
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1. Used as a noun: When such a beastly action has been completled successfully, despite mounting adversity and/or impending danger.

2. A bro of over 3 years, an accomplished wingman, and “Broseidon, king of the Brocean
1. Dude! You just did a Mario Wall Jump and caught that orange in mid-air, over the benches! You pulled a Sriharsha! GG, bro.

2. Bro, I am proud to crown you as my number one bro. Rise, Sriharsha, King of the Brocean.
by afrosamurai47 November 08, 2010
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