A guy thats goofy, smart, not afraid to speak his mind, he likes to talk and can sometimes repeat himself over and over again but he doesn't realize it. He's a really funny guy and if he really wants to be annoying he will be. Tuto does take shit from nobody. If someone talks shit about him he'll go off on you and you'll get your feelings hurt. He'll do anything for his babygirl. He may be dominate most of the time but at the end of the day his main goal is makin his lil mama his baby mama
Tuto: Yo whachyou say bitch? huh? couldnt hear you with that dick in yo mouth bitch
Gay ass niggas: Guys! lets get out of here! Tutos gonna beat our ass!
by PeppaPigOink! February 6, 2020
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Is the area between your asshole and balls or pussy.
Danny has a smelly tuto. DP
by the juicee January 22, 2012
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It is the art of having a nice dick.
If u want to compliment someone, you do so by saying "anjo tuto bo saro ai"
Do so with a smile while staring downwards
tuto is the modern word penis otherwise known as dick. Blacks and Browns enjoy "enlarged" comments while asians recieve "small" compliments. Whites, your just somewhere in the middle of us.
by Rujinder Singh Patel October 4, 2008
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the best nigga to ever exist hands down n people stay hatin on him
often seen gettin mad bitxhes and hangin out wit gang
omg is that gmg tuto
by biggest dawg 69 frfr February 10, 2022
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