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A Tuskin is a form of internet troll who trolls his friends indirectly by stirring up the shit through digital means. A Tuskin will use IM, social media or other electronic forms of communication to rile two people up against each other. The motive behind "Tuskining" someone is usually to make yourself feel better about your own situation by trying to bring down others around you, especially people you interact with as friends.
Tuskin: Hey John, what's the problem with you and Alex?
John: Problem? WTF did he say? He's got some problem with me? Well he can go fuck himself, I've never done anything to him.
Tuskin: Hey Alex, Joe was talking mad shit about you bro. He said you can go fuck yourself.
Alex: I don't have time for cock suckers who talk shit.
Tuskin: Damn John, he's going around telling people you're a closet homosexual. That's fucked up.
John: WTF? I've never done anything to that mother fucker.
Tuskin: Hey Alex, John is running around saying you rape peoples mom. Are you going to take that shit?
by BobT October 04, 2013
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