A decision one might make, after sleeping with someone of the opposite sex who was disgustingly ugly.
"Man that bitch I slept with last night was so fugly I might just turn gay!"
by bobbybomb December 21, 2011
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When one get's "fucked in the ass" or "took it in the ass" so hard that he actually becomes gay.

Also can mean to destroy, demolish, or obliterate.
My computer got TURNED GAY from viruses/malware because MS Windows is such a piece a shit." "Same here... My PC got turned so gay when I was tricked into clicking a link which allowed the Russians to hijack my machine.
by Kilo Unit November 24, 2010
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he gon and turn gay on me, like a fag
by fagbasher3000 December 22, 2011
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Variation on going to "Hold My Breath Till I Turn Blue" as a response to waiting for something to happen which is most likely never going to happen
Dude #1: I totally have a shot at this cocktail waitress chick

Dude #2: You so do not have a shot at that chick. You might as well hold your breath till you turn gay.

Dude #1: Hold my breath till I turn gay?

Dude #2: Yeah start holding your breath now, cuz here she comes over to our table....
by sarasplayroom.com January 10, 2010
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The most spectacular event imaginable in the universe.

Preceded by if/when/unless to represent the sort of circumstances under which you might change your mind about something.
Girl 1: Are you coming to Josh's party tonight?

Girl 2: Meh, I gots to work tomorrow. But call me when you're there if Angelina Jolie turns gay with Megan Fox.

**Later that night**

Girl 1: Hey! They just found Osama bin Laden hiding in Josh's basement!!

Girl 2: Dude, I'm sleeping. I said to call me if Angelina Jolie turned gay with Megan Fox.
by newsvava February 12, 2009
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when black women dont like big black pp its to big tyrone im gonna take the kids and bust
i took a porn hub pill then my pp shrunk to the size of a penne so my ROBLOX gf said i don't like your pp pics and then she recorded a porn hub vidow with another girl so thats the story of how i turned my 5 year old ROBLOX gf gay (im 50 so i turning 5 year old turning girls gay)
by y1uittywuyfuwguhg October 21, 2023
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