one of the best emcee's that ever lived and first and by far the only rapper who wrote deep poetry and is coming back soon...
EXPECT HIM HE'S COMIN in September 13 2003
by Anonymous July 20, 2003
The greatest rap artist to walk the earth. Artists like 50 Cent and Lil Wayne disrespect, and, altogether, leave this great man rolling in his grave. In one song, he was a killer, rapping about death and hate. In another, he was a completely different person, rapping about peace and love. If you asked rappers today for money, they would say no. But if you asked Tupac, BOOM! You got it. When he died, it was up to artists like Biggie and Dre to keep hip hop alive. When Biggie died, Dre was all that was left. Then artists such as Timbaland and Vanilla Ice showed up and ruined the rap game. This man is a legend. RIP Tupac.
Hold Ya Head, 1996, Don Illuminati, aka Tupac Amaru Shakur
These felonies be like prophecies

Begging me to stop

Cause These lawyers getting money

Everytime they knock us

Slashing pockets lyrically

Suckers fleed when they notice

Switched my name to Makaveli

Half the rap game closed

Expose foes, with my hocus pocus flows
by IAmRonPaul March 16, 2013
the best rapper ever, who faked his death and is coming back in 2003, september 13. alias; makaveli, 2pac.
tupac amaru shakur is not dead
NOT shot by the government, what would they have to gain. Also, not the greatest rapper alive, as all he rapped about was how hard his upbringing was. WOW! He should have been more positive....
Do you like Tupac?

Err....he's alright I suppose
by Mark Bhraska July 29, 2004