Derived from the awkward silence before a cowboy shooting showdown. Now used when there's an awkward silence. A Tumble of weed.
-awkward silence-
andre: tumble weed
by lauren09 April 21, 2009
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In the same family as ghosting and breadcrumbing, tumble weeding is when a person you have been dating low key starts to blow away and disengage from the relationship. They still respond to texts but don’t really give you anything to work with until there’s nothing left for you to say, you just have to let them fade off into the distance.
Mia: Lex, this guy is totally tumble weeding me, he only just replied to my text from two days ago and all he said was ‘haha yeah lol’
Lex: oh babe, yea you got totes tumble weeded
by Tumbleweedchic July 11, 2019
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The art of cutting off your pubes, putting them in your mouth and blowing it in someones face.
Shelly still had some pubes on her face after Frank gave her the Tumble Weeds
by Turbulenc June 27, 2003
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A girl that approaches, gives that head tilt, puppy dog eyes and glossy lips. No sound comes out, All you hear is the rushing of the wind, and see a tumble-weed moving in a flip, stop, drag motion, inside their heads. Creating nothing but a cloud of dust behind it.

A girl that has very little to offer in the way of conversation or intellect. Usually attractive.
"Oh look Tumble-weed"
"Fuck off out of my face Tumble-weed, you have nothing to offer"
by Chykan Hunter March 2, 2012
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those things that blow by in tv shows when something is abbandoned or nothings happening...
-i'm bored
-ya there's nothing to do
-look there goes a tumble weed we must be in the middle of nothingville!
-fo sizzle!
by coca October 31, 2003
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tumble weed is the process of ripping out pubic hair with your finger and rolling up in a ball and throwing it on the ground hence the name tumble weed.
I once placed a tumble weed in a friends straw when he was not looking.
by killdtheone1 August 4, 2010
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pubic hair that is never shaven and has so much hair that it comes out of her panties (usualy granny)
we were gonna have sex but then i realized she had a tumble weed
by jesse March 3, 2004
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