Tugboat: The guy at a marina who is trying to make a little extra cash giving handjobs
Seth: "Has anyone seen Andy?'
Mitch: "Yeah. He's jerking off some sailboater. He's a real Tugboat"
by Old Man Neltson February 01, 2021
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Similar to Docking except an uncircumcised man docks with a woman with an oversized clitoris. I wouldn't think it would need to be said, but the man's penis needs to be larger than the woman's clitoris.
Jesus, Donna. Your clit must be 3in! What do you say we tugboat?
by Definitely not Gooch December 13, 2019
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When, during anal sex, the taker tightens their arsehole around the penis of the giver and pulls forward.
The tugboat is my favourite sex position. It’s like doing kegels with your ass.
by Delilah Copperspoon June 24, 2021
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A prison term for an inmate who has being repeately violated in his anal region, so much that his farts resemble to noise made by a tugboat
Ron walks up to Jimmy in the prison yard and asks him:
"Hey you, ya you, you a tugboat?"
by 9banger December 01, 2009
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The act of pulling your partner's penis firmly forward while smoking a cigarette and blowing smokerings skyward.
"She only smokes menthols when giving me a tugboat."
by Royal Cunninglinguist Society January 29, 2009
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Similar to "motor-boating", "Tugboat" refers to the sound and tone while in the 69 position, whereas the buttocks replace the breasts.
Last night, Mary and I were 69'ing on the couch, and I totally gave her a "tugboat" as I finished.
by Davers67 January 13, 2008
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1. A male who must keep one member of a group afloat and with the program much like a tug boat has to keep a barge afloat and going in the correct direction.
2. A male who often must pull along less motivated participants within a circle of friends. They are often loud, humorous, and unrelenting in their passion for having fun and finding shananigans. A Tug boat will not stop untill all necessary participants are aboard with the evenings plans, regardless of how much his friends' girlfriends dig their heels in the mud and say NO!!!
1. Spunk needed to be dragged out sometimes, much like a barge, by the group tug boat.

2. Greg was such a tug boat regardless of how tired Matt, Lauren or Spunk were he always got them to go out and have fun!
by LaurCoogy March 12, 2007
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