Definition: Tubbying is the slight lifting up of the chin (at a 38° angle) during a photograph. This famous positioning of the chin causes one to appear to be Chinese or Korean, because of one's eye size at the angle the photo is taken from. Individuals who are from Korean or Chinese descent, might appear to have their eyes fully closed while Tubbying.

Origin: Egyptian ( Dating back to 2014 ad)

- "Hey Ahmed, did you see Mohammed's Insta pic last night, man was Tubbying so hard. "
-" Ok guys lets take a picture! O, Mahmoud, please stop Tubbying! We're sending these pictures to Teta and Gido.
by Nameslayer March 18, 2015
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a fat person, usually someone that you dont like eating all of your food, or drinking all of your capri suns.
Im tired of that tubbis eatin all my damn food.
by Lacey Armour July 11, 2008
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An extremely fat person who resembles a ball with arms legs and a very small head. they are often seen eating "freedom" fries and other fatty foods
by general_hamster March 14, 2003
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Actually, Tubby is an acceptable nickname for your large friend as long as he's cool with it. so go ahead and call your fat buddy tubby, because as long aa the right people say it, it can be quite a good name.
Hey Tubby, where did you get those submarines?
by Justyn AKA Tubby August 9, 2006
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The plural of tubbard.
"Man, I have 28 tubbi!"
by Jen der Bende September 7, 2006
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