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No one is really sure what a tubbard is, but here are the recognized definitions:

1. A small penis used as a straw
2. A dick with a hole in the middle
3. A weiner that is bigger than the owner's head
4. A superior form of cock.

In the plural it is 'tubbi'. If something is good then it could be "tubbardacious".
1. "God, did you see him drink that strawberry milkshake with his tubbard? It was so fast!"
2. "His tubbard could fit a ship in!"
3. "You've got a big head and an even bigger tubbard!"
4. "Wow, your tubbard was way tastier than his dick!"
5. "Look at his tubbi!"
6. "You got the job? How tubbardacious!"
by Jen der Bende July 18, 2006
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