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A horny guy with a pornographic poster. Works at the SCP foundation.
"Tsujimoto, SCP-184 is actually SCP-001"
"Called it. I'm so smart."
by Doctor Wright May 02, 2018
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1. An abject ninja, who constantly falls off of rooftops, throws shrunken only to impale oneself, and manages to only roundhouse itself in the face.
2. A technique of kung fu where you stab yourself in every major organ, in order to gain the element of surprise.
3. A ninja method of subterfuge, where the ninja hides in broad daylight, wearing bells. Adopted from Ueshiba Morihei's theory of "hidden in plain sight."
4. A gay ninja, who resembles "Bonk" from bonks adventures. An utter disappointment to his sensei, and who was banished from Japan, for using his kung fu stealth "inappropriately". Usually found wearing his ass less ninja uniform trying to bounce off of clouds. He is noted for his unusual battle cry; "sssseppuku!" and his stance against the Tabi long boots, and his favoritism toward pink Ugs.
5. A ninja who invented the dildo tipped grappling hook, the silicon padded ninja claw, and plastic vibrating Bokken.
Steve: "Why is mike jump kicking the printer?"
Bill: "Hes a tsujimoto."

Dan: "I just felt a strong hand cup my crotch. But i dont see anyone else around."

Jessica: "dont look at me.. it must have been that tsujimoto over there.. hes one sneaky bastard."
by superdudeman June 26, 2009
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