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A group of people or a person who believes that the moon is a hologram made by the government. This term can also be used if someone just doesn't believe in the moon. Put an (s) at the end if it is plural
"That guy doesn't believe in the moon, he is a Moon Truther"

"Is he a Moon Truther"

"Yes he is"
by Senorita Thicc Boi February 17, 2018
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A meanie truther is described as someone who tells the truth but is mistaken as being mean.
nya: he looks like those indian dudes on facebook that keep sending you a dick pic.
raju: why so mean? but your telling the truth tho.
nya: im a meanie truther.
by that one meanie truther April 22, 2019
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A Moon-Truther is someone who believes that the moon itself is fake.
1 in 5 people don’t believe in the moon. Nicknamed “Moon-Truthers”, these skeptics insist that the Moon is merely a holographic projection.
by KyBer Leger July 30, 2020
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Conspiracy nuts who think the coronavirus pandemic was built in a lab, used to try to take over the world, and think Bill Gates is trying to inject microchips into people's bodies by using vaccines. These are the same idiots who think Stanely Kubrick filmed the moon landings, think the earth is flat, and think drinking bleach will cure coronavirus.
"Do these Rona Truthers not know that Bill Gates, who has been the richest man for many years, has been giving away his money to charity since the year 2000 trying to fight poverty and disease?"
by jiggysaw17 May 1, 2020
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Somebody who is anti-truth. Somebody who derides, vilifies, berates or otherwise insults anyone who expresses the need to investigate the 9-11 terrorist attacks on the USA further, or who belittles anyone who believes the official version of the events are at least inadequate. Somebody who is unwilling to consider evidence which goes against the official version of the events of the terrorist attacks on America. The antonym of truther.
It is common for anti-truthers to label truthers as un-American.

The campaign for 9-11 truth came up against opposition from anti-truthers.
by ubermarklar October 23, 2011
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anyone who is intelligent enough to realize that the official government account of the 9/11 attacks are not supported by the physical evidence and want to know the real truth about what happened
Here are just a few facts that 9/11 truthers want explained:
In 1945 during a heavy fog a B-52 bomber accidently hit the Empire State building, sustaining minor damage but was repaired and is still standing today, because of this incident modern skyscrapers are specifically designed to withstand an impact from a jumbo jet.
In 1993 terrorists ignited a truck bomb beneath the twin towers after that incident the towers were regularly inspected with bomb sniffing dogs, these inspections stopped just months before 9/11 Marvin Bush was in charge of security at the World Trade Center.
In 1998 the Project for the new American Century or PNAC stated their goal of invading Iraq and overthrowing Saddam Hussein, but said they would need a "Pearl Harbor" to sell this idea to public, key PNAC members became part of the Bush Administration.
The towers did not collapse from the initial impact, many people were safely evacuated and the towers collapsed some time later. The government claims burning jet fuel softened the steel support beams causing the collapse. Jet fuel burns at a maximum temperature of 1500 degrees, the steel would have to reach 2000 degrees before it even began to soften, steel melts at 3000 degrees.
If the steel beams did get hot enough to soften, the towers should have tipped toward the point of impact, but instead the towers collapsed straight down like when explosives are used for a controlled demolision.
by Mr.Juan-derful May 30, 2010
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