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A name in a card game or video game that is particularly shitty or clearly incorrect. For example: Tornado but someone fucked up the translation really bad So we got Trunade. Such as seen in Yu Gi Oh's famous generation 1, "Giant Trunade".
Ah yes, Volcano Bakemeat, well I'll use my Egregious Trunade to counter.
by Sejha January 06, 2018
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n. an exclusively retarded fag; faggoteer; fagchair; fucktard; and the ever most popular, FUCKING IDIOT
yo, i not only want it up the ass, but thru the dickhole as well, just cause i'm trunade!
by Ryce June 11, 2003
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an exclusively retarded fag; see faggoteer
"wow, that trunade sure loves to stroke the boat and doesn't mind dropping the soap"
by Ryce June 10, 2003
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