someone who does bad things (lyk aisha & fawzia)
"omg yu got in trouble again, yur such a truffler"
by melly & arz's gyals April 21, 2020
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An attractive, older woman who is marred by random, inexplicable "snorting" noises, that are very similar to those a truffle pig make when on the hunt.
Dude: did you sore with that cougar from the bar last night?

Me: nah. I spent 20 mins with her and found out she was a total truffler. I couldn't take it anymore
so bailed in search of some trim.
by blue7 February 06, 2009
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Truffler derived from hog, as in to hog attention. It then mutated into warthog and from there changed to truffler. because pigs hunt for truffles like abbie hunts for attention from the teachers.
"Please miss ive read the english language book cover to cover left to right back to front, yet it still makes no sence please help me get more stars after my A."

"Abbie stop Truffling! you big Truffler!"
by Joshua Gardener November 25, 2005
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When one does a handstand, deepthroats a cock and gets their ass eaten at the same time.
1. To get ones ass truffled
2. To truffle ones ass

I truffled Linda's ass light night
by TheRealIrish March 22, 2017
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