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Hipster/indie tag along. Can appear quite sexually indifferent and quiet.
Personality: Creepy and appears out of nowhere.
Appearance: Usually wears a luscious green camo jacket with some disgusting coloured trousers. Red and ivy green are a Trotski's favourite trouser type. Leather boots that outstand the size of his/her feet by double are not uncommon. The haircut will be a 'short back and sides' deal with lack of any extra effort except occasional combing.
Habits: Pixel related art (pokemon and such), dubstep, and usually thinks they are a hard dealer after taking a couple hits off a nos balloon.
*boots clunking on the ground*
Guy 1: Man, here comes dan
Guy 2: that kid is such a trotski
Guy 1: ugh tell me about it
by bangin p00n November 21, 2012
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