One of the finest vodkas that Russia exports. It is the number one selling premium vodka inside of Russia. The taste is far superior to other premium vodkas such as Grey Goose, Kettle One, and Level, at half the price. 1500ml handle sells for roughly $30US. Russian Standard offers their regular premium, gold (limited edition ultra premium), platinum (ultra premium), and their Imperia line (triple premium). Imperia was rated as one of the top 10 finest vodkas on the planet in a 2008 competion.
I'll have Russian Standard Vodka neat with the caviar please.
by RussianVodka September 26, 2009
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This is the top man in Mother Russia who can out drink every other man in the country. He knows the proper way to drink Vodka...with an onion. You will NOT beat him in Russian Roulette so DON'T TRY. He is the leader of the RCU - (Russian Comrades United) This organization is constantly being argued over its popularity and influence in the world at large. Some top experts argue whether it even exists. However it is not wise to question the power of the force of the clan of united RCU battalions of death.
"The Great Wise Crazily Drunken Russian Vodka Master" is no bozo-mc-spaz-a-tron. However, he is sometimes the unofficial spokesperson for ADOBE.
by Cheeseball Alcatraz September 10, 2021
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Another word for nothing: An empty glass, because vodka has been withdrawn by all pubs and retailer's across Europe pursuant to the Russia Ukraine war.
Dude 1: It's your turn to buy a round.
Dude 2: I will get you a Russian vodka then.
by a_fool March 4, 2022
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