In the hoods of Dallas Texas, triple d stands for dirty dirty Dallas!
by Vincent Bryan July 14, 2008
When you stick your D between some double D tits
by roastie November 3, 2013
Designated Drunk Driver.

An awful thing to do and should always be a joke.
Who's going to be the triple d tonight? I'm trying to find a ride home.
by dumbdecisions May 7, 2011
Did you see that girl? She had triple Ds!

Those girl's triple Ds were so large, they made your girl's double Ds look like they belong in a training bra.
by mcflyinhigh July 23, 2009
Three dots that awkawardly ruin a perfectly good generally involving the Ottomans, or bald men of some sort. Usually results in frustrating the person you are conversing with. Would be very awkward if used while talking to said person on the phone or face to face. Super effective in driving chicks away, and old men with beards. Typically used by awkward turtles. Dangerous when overused.
by Sultan Selim III June 20, 2011
When one wears their sunglasses backwards on their head/neck and ejaculates onto anothers hair leaving a rad tip frosting similar to the hair of Food Network Star Guy Fieri, the ejaculator must also call out "IT'S THE BOMB" while leaving the deviant deposit.
After watching Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, Glen got so excited about the chicken wings and ranch dipping sauce that he gave Elenore a raunchy Triple D.
by Nacogdoches Double T February 1, 2011