you say something that isnt true.
Elgin was tripin when he said that he wasnt straight.
by mike November 13, 2003
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To say something not related to the current topic;to act or do something crazy/stupid;to bring bad news
Tom:Did you see American Idol last night?
Billy:Yea,but man i think your girlfriend like me dude
Tom:DAMN why every time I call you,you is tripin
by Anthony J 772 February 16, 2008
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The advocacy of men's rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes.
Dude1: Woah man, look she got that ticket in just because she said that bouncer was sexist and that she will blog about it.

Dude2: yeah that's not fair.

Dude1: hold on, I'll get my tripinist brothers
Dude2: sure glad that we have tripinism.
by Clap those cheeks March 27, 2019
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derives from the word tripe, which means shit. Thus, tripin' or triping (pronounced "TRIPE-IN") means, simply, shit talking. or shitting.
Dave Chapelle - "take that ya TRIPIN' BETCH!"
by beaaaaaaa April 11, 2008
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used when you dont beleive wot another person is sayin'.
dawg you must be tripin'!
by slamin' September 03, 2006
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To be obessing over something, or someone to the extent that it happers you normal thought process.
I be hella tripin' over that chick!
by Krunk Master Jay December 16, 2004
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