To miraculously and suspiciously escape unharmed, especially from a situation you yourself caused
Captain Schettino after sinking a cruise ship and leaving all the passengers aboard: "No signore, you don't understand. I trip into a lifeboat!"
by saidpatrick January 18, 2012
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A descriptive phrase meaning when a person offers a fictional account of an unlikely accident to excuse a huge real-life blunder or to cover up an act of pure cowardice.
The Captain would have stayed behind with the sinking ship if he hadn't tripped into the lifeboat.

The ER staff really tripped into the lifeboat with the patient.

He tripped into the lifeboat on that decision.
by redPooka January 20, 2012
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To trip and fall into a lifeboat is to commit a gross dereliction of duty, to behave cowardly after one had accepted a position of leadership.
"I did not abandon my ship and crew, I trip and fell into a lifeboat!"
by Mouth of Babe January 19, 2012
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