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An awkward, horrible teenager who thinks they’re the biggest YouTuber ever. Not only are they egotistical, but they end friendships if you don’t give money to their channel. Obessesed with their channel to the point where that’s all they care about. In some cases, makes several channels.
Garret:Hey Jake, how are you?
Jake:Shut up Garrett, we’re not friends anymore because you won’t give me you’re money to buy stuff for my channel
Garret:God you’re such a Trinn
by Griff0115 July 24, 2018
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A Beautiful Girl Usually Very Smart. She Is A Very Nice Person But Careful Dont Make Her Mad. She Has A Funny And Cool Personality. She Is A Good Friend And Will Never Turn Her Back On You, She Is A Trendsetter And Go Getter. She Keeps A Small Circle Around Her And Gets Along With Everyone.
Omg Trinn Is So Pretty
by Itss.trinn June 04, 2018
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