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At the beginning of February of 1884, Juan Pablo Duarte, Francisco Del Rosario Sanchez and Ramon Matias Mella agreed in that year to form the secret society, the trinitaria identity that served to free and independize the country (Dominican Republic) in that time the country was breathing air of invasions from foreign controls such as Haiti, Spain, France, and England and other countries that wanted control of the Republic, It was then when the illustrious idea came to the fathers of the country on February 25, 1844. Ramon M. Mella launched the trabuscazo in the Puerta Del Conde, immediately the struggle formed for the fight of the independence which was obtained on February 27, 1844. Thanks to the fathers of the country, the Dominican Republic breathes air of democracy.

A group of Dominicans, in the prisons and now streets of New York maintain living that remembrance to continue with the idea to form a group that is called "Trinitario" to protect and to defend the rights of the imprisoned Dominican in different prisons of the United States and to create a single group inside prison and on the street that signifies Dios, Patria y Libertad.

One of the BIGGEST and most RUTHLESS gangs that I have recently seen in and around New York City. With there numbers steadily growing all over the world and especially on the east coast of the United States. The organization has members from all ethnic backgrounds they do not discriminate. Any one of any ethnicity can become a member not only Dominicans. They have been known to recruit lots of
Puerto Ricans and South Americans. They have factions all over South America, The Caribbean, Europe and of course all over North America.

They believe strongly in the words, Dios, Patria y Libertad. They can be heard saying "PATRIA" when greeting each other, which is why some people have come to call them Patria.

They do not affiliate with no other gang, nation, or organization. They have been known to have war with Bloods (Ruff Ryders, Dip Set), Crips (FOLK), Latin Kings, Netas, D.D.P (Dominicans Don't Play), Bones, and a dozen others.

This is there ERA and from the the way they are growing and organizing it looks like TRINITARIO is here to stay.

Some Trinitario Slang:

"OT" Original Trinitario or Old Trinitario
"7 Poppin' all Droppin'"

Color: Green (Green Bandana)

Green is the color of nature. It symbolizes growth, harmony, freshness, and fertility. Green has strong emotional correspondence with safety. Green is also associated with money.

Green has great healing power. It is the most restful color for the human eye; it can improve vision. Green suggests stability and endurance. Sometimes green denotes lack of experience; for example, a 'greenhorn' is a novice. In heraldry, green indicates growth and hope. Green, as opposed to red, means safety; it is the color of free passage in road traffic.

Green is also the color of green plantains (Platanos). Some Dominicans call themselves platanos for the love of eating them. Believed to make Dominicans strong.

Points: 7

For Example: Bloods and Latin Kings have 5 points therefore belonging to People Nation, Crips have 6 points therefore belonging to FOLK Nation.
Trinitario has 7 points as they belong only to the Trinitario Nation. They live by their 7 points and die by their 7 points.
Trinitario is the "7 Poppin' all Droppin' Nation"
by The Universal Source March 17, 2006
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