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-A Homerun of epic proportions
-Named after its creator, future Hall Of Famer Kyle Schwarber

-To hit a Homerun that is heard all around the continental United States
-Typically struck by gods, robots, mythological creatures or superheroes
"Did you see that Schwarb that landed on the scoreboard?"

"It's a bird, it's a plane, no it's just a Schwarb that went into orbit"

"He looks like he's going to Schwarb one"
by Schwarbinator March 25, 2017
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1. the noise your mobile phone makes when you put it too close to a tv, speaker, stereo etc.

2. a random word, often used as a greeting by a flid

3. the name of crogs imaginary friend

4. JPs favourite word
JP: "hey guys you know the noise your phone makes?"
Guys: "No, what is it?"
JP: "You know when it goes: Schwarb Schwarb Schwarb"
Guys: "ha ha, JP you flid!"


Crog: "Hey schwarbington bear!"
Me: "Crog, you prick"
by chrispete January 13, 2006
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