Something only stupid weak-minded idiot babies who crap their diapers use.
Seriously, Trigger Warnings are stupid. A fictional character's mean dad or a single passing mention of some creep who you've never heard of who's been rotting in a cell for 20 years anyway can't hurt you. Stop being a bunch of weak babies and grow up.
by Koraichu September 14, 2022
A warning often found on blogs to warn people who could have panic attacks or other extremely negative reactions to words or situations that these "triggers" will be mentioned in the text/video/alternate form of media. This is meant to prevent said person/people from becoming upset due to PTSD or other mental disorders.

A common misconception is that triggers are just made up for oversensitive and stupid people and should not be taken seriously or even mocked. However, this is disrespectful and mocking mental disorders and their sypmtoms is extremely rude and a terrible thing to do.
by Please Don't December 16, 2014
A cocktail based on the non-alcoholic drink called a Roy Rogers. The drink consist of the classic Roy Rogers mix of cola, grenadine and a cherry. However, it is served with a chaser of high-grade horse tranquilizer.
The designated driver ordered a Roy Rogers, but everyone else was able to have a Trigger Warning and were tripping balls.
by The Amazing Dougie June 11, 2018
Trigger warnings are content warnings put before a photo, video, gif, statement, link, or otherwise. There are two types of trigger warnings (listed below):
1. Non-emotional trigger warning.

These are trigger warnings, usually put before videos or gifs but can also be put before statements, pictures, and links, to warn people with physical disabilities that there could be something triggering for their condition ahead. This includes but is NOT limited to a flashing light warning for individuals with photosensitive epilepsy or a warning for people with Tourette’s or other tic syndromes.
2. Emotional and Offense trigger warning.

These types of trigger warnings are for individuals who are easily offended so that they know not to continue because this type of content isn’t intended for them or for individuals PTSD who may not be able to emotionally handle sensitive topics such as depression, suicide, rape, and more.
1. Broad: “Trigger warning/TW: the following video may be trigger to some audiences. Viewer discretion is advised.”
2. Non-emotional: “Trigger warning/TW: The following link redirects you to a video with flashing lights. This may be triggering for individuals with Photosensitive Epilepsy or other disorders. Viewer discretion is advised.”
3. Emotional: “Trigger warning/TW: The following statements include graphic descriptions of sexual intercourse, rape, sexual assault, gore, and more. This may be triggering for individuals with PTSD or other disorders. Viewer discretion is advised.”
by Nioke <3 August 7, 2021
A cop-out that social justice warriors use to make it seem like they're accomodating people with PTSD. Trigger warnings are usually posted at the content's header in order to keep from acknowledging that PTSD episodes do not stop for anything so long as the "triggering" content is still there and thus avoid responsible conversations about trauma.
"That article about rape made me feel terrible all day. I'm having a hard time putting my life back together."
"But I put in a trigger warning!"
by Magicalspecialsn0wflakedemisex February 20, 2016
Two words that are sometimes used by concerned authors to alert that some parts of a shared article or video could cause post-traumatic flashbacks to some readers. Never used by rapist when they're talking about rape, because, you know, rape is no big deal and raped women don't have to be oversensitive.
"I will never ever accept that anyone could be concerned by people who could feel hurt. Trigger warnings are for pussies who aren't brave enough to behave like fucking jerks."
by Dozntmatr August 26, 2015