The modern-day version of the "ladies and children not admitted" pre-performance advisory-message used by The King and The Duke to lure a larger audience to come and see their pathetically-mediocre shenanigans.
Nobody will ever admit it officially/publicly, of course, but everyone secretly knows that posting da "Viewer discretion is advised" cliché actually has da exact opposite effect for most people --- it makes them all da miore fired up to watch said media! And then of course after it's all over, like as not da viewers bewilderedly glance at each other and say, "That's ALL?! They considered THAT to be too "mature" for younger folks?!?? Why, that wasn't even as bad as da stuff they show middle-school kind in da couyrse of their lessons on history, social studies, science, chemistry, and stuff! Zheeeeesh.... da producers musta given it that rating just to lure people to watch their insipid mundane crap!"
by QuacksO November 19, 2018
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