when someone said something ambiguous and then not follow up with anything
"Can you elaborate?"
"Bruh, Trias moment"
by Kourai November 27, 2020
1 - a wonderful singer that SO MANY people judge without knowing the facts and base it on primary assumptions.

2 - one of the best things that actually created an extent to diversity within the media.
Jasmine Trias is awesome!
by trixxx December 4, 2004
Complete cheating cunt who needs to learn how to control his penis
Person one- iew that guys such a cheat

Person two- he’s a tria what do you expect
by 5uccu8us November 28, 2017
Aka The Gretchen wieners from mean girl. Will be very nice to class peers until it’s time to walk off and spread gossips, Hugs on every guy you ever wanted and bullies anyone gaining spotlight.
Me: I heard Tria threw a E.C kid out of a in class. Bob: Really? I heard she cut her crushes girlfriends hair with scissors once.
by Hootersboobers August 3, 2022