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A film and TV company who's logo is a winged-horse known as Pegasus.
by star8706 February 01, 2003
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A large 1960's three-engine plane made by Lockheed Martin until 1984. Among the most innovative designs to date, with features like auto-land and a very unique powerplant layout (two engines hung from the wings plus one in the back with an S-duct). Sadly, the number of L-1011 TriStars they sold was only half of what they needed to break even. After shutting it, and failing to get the funds they needed to turn this into a two-engine plane, they quit the commercial aviation business altogether. Only the L-100 will tell...

They should keep the 3-engine layout but enlarge this plane to the size of a 777-200 Freighter, and use three of the same engines as the Airbus A350 (or whatever Rolls-Royce, GE, or Pratt & Whitney can come up with), and then restart production as the (for example) Lockheed-Martin L-1011-2000 "TriStar NextGen" cargo plane (and a VIP version as well). Also modern avionics, controls, etc. will be fitted to eliminate the Flight Engineer station. Will use the yoke (preferably) or maybe a side-stick.

The TriStar NextGen should give much longer range than a 772F, so as to minimise delivery times. Let's just hope Amazon, the (almost) real-life equivalent of BNL Corp. (the company in the movie Wall-E that takes over the world) will NOT be able to buy these. Let them be stuck with the two engines and no STOL capabilities.
Jim: Oh, look! A DC-10!

Me: Actually, that's a Lockheed TriStar. Look at the tail-mounted engine. It snakes down in.

Jim: Oh.
by ELXN96902 June 05, 2018
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A sorry, lame film production company (1982-1999) under Columbia Pictures. Now this crap is released under "Screen Gems."
"TriStar Pictures sucks!"
by star8706 February 01, 2003
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