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A school located in buttfuck knowhere, Grahmsville, that nobody tends to enjoy.

People often refer to “Tri-Valley” as “Trash-Valley” because of the nasty ass people who go there.
Time to go back to (Trash) Tri-Valley”
The food here in (Trash) Tri-Valley taste like rubber
by Potato headass October 26, 2018
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Tri-Valley, aka Trash-Valley, is a school in the middle of fucking nowhere that can't keep a principal for more than a year. All of the students are either trailer-trash, mentally disabled, or a grown up broken condom. People think that it is the "least drug-filled school in the area," but that is a lie.
Student 1: Hey, what was the principal's name again?
Student 2: I have no fucking clue. Tri-Valley has had 3 principal's in the last week.
by Clout-Chaser_69 March 14, 2019
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