A tri-sigma is a woman of class and stature. She is the girl next door. She is a little bit of everything; a trendsetter, an artist, and an athlete. She is classy, honest, chill, and respectable. She is the definition of sexy. A tri-sigma is who everyone wants to be. A tri-sigma girl is always on top.
Boy 1: damn that girl is hott
Boy 2: yea she's a tri-sigma
by cake4 April 14, 2008
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the most down to earth sorority with the prettiest girls on campus. tri-sigma sorority may seem like "girls next door" but don't be fooled by their pretty faces...because when they party these girls can get down. they are ridiculously sexy and every girl wants to be a tri-sigma compared to any other sorority like theta or omega.

carrie underwood, the multi-platinum selling record artist is also a sister of tri-sigma.
Guy 1: Yoooo who's that girl?

Guy 2: she's that girl in tri-sigma, you don't have a chance so don't bother

Guy 1: :(
by TalentMrRipley July 2, 2010
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Tri Sigma, or Sigma Sigma Sigma, is a sorority of women who are regarded across the nation as role models for their communities.

With over 100,000 members worldwide, Tri Sigmas are well-known for their class and charisma. They uphold the values of power, wisdom, faith, hope, and love in all they do.

On college campuses, Tri Sigmas are usually recognized for being extremely involved in other extra-curricular activities and extremely academically successful.

Unlike other sorority girls, Tri Sigmas place a high emphasis on sisterhood, service, school, family life, spirituality, and leadership. While partying is a facet of any sorority, it plays second fiddle for Tri Sigmas, who usually have enough on their plate making the world a better place!

Tri Sigmas are well-known for being some of the most attractive girls across the nation, as well as the most genuine and likable. For this reason, fraternity members and/or athletes often select Tri Sigmas as their dates of choice for social events.

Tri Sigmas are certainly the best of the sorority women. Many who are denied a bid from Tri Sigma rush another sorority unhappily or wait patiently to see if they can eventually be chosen for the select few.
Q: "Do you think that Ashley'll go out with me?"

A: "She's a Tri Sigma. That automatically makes you not good enough."
by Michael F.R. June 29, 2011
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The Ladies of Tri Sigma, or Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority, are simply the best. They rock the purple and white, and are by far the most fun sorority. Rumors of Sigmas being "sluts" were started by some very jealous Alpha Sigma Alphas. Tri Sigma produces gorgeous, intelligent, charismatic, and spunky girls all across the nation. Tri Sigma, or DON'T TRY AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!
ASA 1: Let's get that girl to rush Alpha Sigma Alpha!
ASA 2: She's way too good for us, she'll definitely make Tri Sigma.
by suckerfortrisigs July 20, 2010
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