A great AI winner, she won season 4 of American Idol. Her Some Hearts album is coming out in November. She has a great voice and almost everyone loves her. Her voice is very powerful, and she is a great singer.
by Micheala October 08, 2005
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(verb)- to completely destroy someone's vehicle, especially be means of a baseball bat or key

In reference to Carrie's hit song "Before He Cheats"

p.s.- Carrie Underwood is amazingly hott!!!
"She said if her boyfriend was cheating on her, she was going to Carrie Underwood his new truck!"
by Carrie Fan 89 November 01, 2007
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The Winner of American Idol 2005, Her pure voice and her amazing talent has captivated millions of americans and has become the person every teenage girl wants to be. Her ads for Skechers and Hershey's proves she is multitalented and her upcoming album "Some Heart" being released on November 15th, is likely to be come a huge hit!
by JK0 October 08, 2005
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a very talented country singer.her debut album became platnium.she is single handily changing country music for the better.also she is very beautiful.
carrie underwood is the fastest country singer that climbed the country charts more than any other country singer.
by carl911 March 21, 2006
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The winner of American Idol 4. Apparently, most people underestimated her and thought that Bo Bice would win. HAH!
Go DL all of the songs she sang in American Idol 4.
by tsktsk May 26, 2005
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a stupid ugly whore who won american idol and didnt deserve to win. she is a discusting bottled blonde skank who is a country singer wanna be she also used to have a job as a stripper what a cunt
by Stupid cunt June 12, 2005
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The 'winner' of season 4 American Idol. She can now be seen warbling on TV 24hours a day as the spokesidiot for Hershey bars in those incessant commercials, which is why I now watch 90% less television.Think Leann Rimes with a third of her talent, drunk, and sleepy, and you get Carrie Underwood.
oh, dear lord, please turn of the television! carrie underwood is making my eyes and ears bleed! ACCCKKKK!!!!
by Nastina August 24, 2005
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